Help! How do I know which fabric I should have on my office seating?


When buying an office chair you may just be given a a few colours to choose from but here at Business Furniture Online our chairs are often made to order which means you can have whichever fabric and colour you need!

With all this extra choice most people need a little extra help to find the right fabric. It is not difficult but with so much choice it can sometimes seem so.

The FAQs below should help you decide what is best for you but if you can’t find the answer to your question just contact us and we will do our best to help.

I am using my chair for 8 hours a day in a standard officeAdvantage low hazard contract upholstery fabric environment which fabric should I choose? A low hazard fabric should be fine unless your insurance states differently. The most popular are Stirling and Advantage (woven tweed with some wool) or Phoenix (crepe finish).

I need a fabric with medium hazard/Crib 5 fire retardency for my office chair. Which fabrics can I choose from? For Xtreme Plus contract upholstery fabricstandard office chairs the most usually chosen medium hazard/Crib 5 fabrics are Mainline Plus, Flamblend (also has an inherent stain repellant), Xtreme Plus.

I would like a pure wool fabric for my office chair because I have heard it is more comfortable. What are the options? Blazer Wool Contract Upholstery FabricThere are a number of crepe fabrics made from pure wool and the most popular of these are Aquarius (100% wool), Blazer (100%) and Oxygen (90%), or for a very funky option try Smarty (90% and very spotty!).

My chairs will be in use 24/7. Are there fabrics which will cope with this additional use? Yes there are specialist fabrics Flamblend heavy duty contract upholstery fabricdesigned specifically for intensive use. The most popular of these is 24/7 but you can also look at Flamblend, Presidio (only on certain chairs) and of course quality leather is particularly hard wearing.

I am looking for a sustainable fabric for my seating. What are the options? Camira fabrics prides itself in developing Aquarius Circus wool crepe contract upholstery fabricsustainable fabrics which can be used on office seating. In their ranges they now have fabrics made from 100% compostable fibres such as wool, hemp and even nettles. In addition they manufacture fabrics from recycled materials eg. Urban which is 100% Urban plus recycled polyester contract upholstery fabricrecycled polyester. Any of these fabrics can be used on our made to order chairs. If the fabric you want is not listed just contact us for a price.

I am buying soft seating for our office reception. Which are the most suitable fabrics? Wool fabrics work well on soft seating and tend to look better for longer. The quality of wool Sketch contract upholstery fabricfabric means that it suits the curves of soft seating where synthetic fabrics are less giving and are more likely to pucker or pull on curved soft edges. Synthetics may last for longer but need more regular care and attention than wool and as they are non-absorbent stains tend to remain on the fabric surface becoming Vintage Leather for contract upholstery furnitureunsightly and duller with age. All in all we would recommend that you consider a wool fabric for your soft seating  – a little extra investment at the beginning is likely to give you longer lasting results.

I want to cheer up the office with chairs with more interesting fabrics but I don’t want to spend a fortune? Any ideas? Yes plenty. Try mixing colours on chairs or combining Smarty contract upholstery fabricBlazer 2 Wool Contract Upholstery fabricpatterned and plain fabrics. Some are designed to work together such as the Blazer plain and patterned fabrics and the Smarty and Blazer fabrics which one of our adventurous manufacturer’s have tried on the Q2 Task chair.

I want to match our new chairs with our decor and don’t want to make a costly mistake with the colour. What can I do to make sure that the colours match? Just contact us with your fabric ideas and we can send you a fabric card so that you can see the colours in situ. Never try to match colours from a computer screen as all screens show colours differently.

I need a waterproof option for our seating. Can you advise? For certain areas a vinyl will be your best bet and there are many Just Colour Contract Vinyl  with antibacterial propertiesranges and colours to choose from. In other circumstances a vinyl may appear too utilitarian and in these instances we would suggest that you take a look at the large ranges of waterproof fabrics. Many of these have the added benefit of being antibacterial, stain resistant and breathable as well as appearing like a normal fabric.Agua Nova contract waterproof and antibacterial fabric See our list of Healthcare Fabrics for options and ask for a fabric card to see the colour options for individual ranges.



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