Five ways to improve your office workspace

Consider how much time you spend in your office. Probably more than you do in your home (ignoring time spent in bed) and certainly more than the time you spend in your car. Yet you spend a huge amount on making your home comfortable, and another small fortune on your car. So doesn’t it make sense to also ensure that you have a good office environment? Here are five simple ways to make life in the office more bearable for you and your workers – and as an incentive if you’ll be footing the bill – more productive.

1. Get new office chairs
How long have those office chairs been there? Probably many years, or even decades! Unless they’re fairly up-to-date, they probably look awful (which reflects badly on the business) are difficult to adjust, uncomfortable, and provide poor support. That causes users to suffer from backache, leading to time off work. They also need to get up and stretch their legs more frequently. The few hundred pounds that a new seat costs will be amply repaid by higher productivity and lower sickness.

2. Get new office furniture
While you’re in the mood to sort out the seating, take a close look at your office furniture as well. Battered desks demolish the slick image of the business in a glance. So get new ergonomic desks, preferably with built in cable management so that staff don’t have to crawl under them to connect mobiles and laptops for charging. Sleek new desks will look great, motivate your staff, and help them to work more efficiently.

3. Get some decent plants
Nothing livens up an office better than plants and flowers. And the good news is that apart from cheering up people, they also generate oxygen that freshens the air. Delegate someone in the office to look after them, or take out a maintenance contract.

4. Get larger computer monitors
Large monitors are very low-cost nowadays, and they make a huge difference to users. Apart from reducing eyestrain, they make it easy to view two pages side-by-side – and that’s much better for productivity, compared to toggling between two pages.

5. Get happier staff
Upgrading your computers, office furniture and office chairs will create better working conditions, and in the long term, your investment in refurbishment will save you money. After the changes you should find that you can operate more efficiently and with fewer employees, so why not use the extra money to reward the staff you retain with a bit more in their wages. Now there’s a thought.

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