24-hour office chairs

24-hour chairs are the optimum solution for control rooms, call centres, surveillance operations, or anywhere that comfortable, supportive seating is required for long periods. There are plenty of excellent office chairs available that are specifically designed for multi-user, round-the-clock situations … Continue reading

How much do you know about waterproof and antibacterial fabrics?

  The use and availability of antibacterial and waterproof healthcare fabric and vinyl has increased greatly in recent years. Much in demand in the healthcare sector and leisure industry the range of styles and colours has improved and is now … Continue reading

Size Mark Sizes

Size Mark Sizes These are agreed sizes for school seating and furniture across the phases from Early Years to Post 16/Adult. Size Mark 1 is appropriate for Early Years with a seat height of 260mm. Seat heights then rise with the … Continue reading

Healthcare Fabric Guide

Upholstery Fabric Suitable for Healthcare Environments – For Seating that Fights Infection Recent years have seen the increase in the availability of smart and innovative high performance waterproof and antibacterial healthcare fabrics. Whilst traditional vinyl fabrics are still available and … Continue reading

Maxi Office Chair Range User Guide

  Maxi Grande Maxi Ultra Maxi Excel (Click on the chairs or names to go straight to the chair details) Adjustment Instructions for Maxi Range Chairs When seated in your chair there are several adjustments to make. Always make sure … Continue reading

Wycombe Chairs – User Guides

These user guides are for the Wycombe Range Chairs. Please make sure you select the correct chair. Instructions are included for seat slides, where fitted. W15 and W15.S High Back Task Chairs

Capital Range, Contract Operator Chairs – User Instructions

These user instructions are for the back only mechanism on the following Capital Contract Range Operator chairs:   Hop – Medium  Back Operator Jump – High Back Operator 100 – High Back Operator 400 – High Back Operator 1500 – High Back … Continue reading

Spynamics Ergonomic Chair

What are the benefits of Spynamics Ergonomic Chair? The Spynamics range of chairs was developed following a partnership between a leading osteopath and UK office seating manufacturer to respond to Health and Safety Executive statistics which state that 4.5 million … Continue reading

Posturemax® User Instructions

Posturemax® Ergonomic Operator Chairs – User Instructions Posturemax® P83 High Back with Headrest Posturemax® P73 High Back Posturemax® P63 Medium Back Click on any of the chairs above to purchase or see its specification Developments have been made to this … Continue reading