Five ways to improve your office workspace

Consider how much time you spend in your office. Probably more than you do in your home (ignoring time spent in bed) and certainly more than the time you spend in your car. Yet you spend a huge amount on … Continue reading

How to Avoid Back Pain at Work

If you are suffering from general backpain at work and you don’t have a specific back condition the Health and Safety Executive have produced some simple yet effective tips to reduce discomfort during the working day. Activity is the name … Continue reading

Help! How do I know which fabric I should have on my office seating?

  When buying an office chair you may just be given a a few colours to choose from but here at Business Furniture Online our chairs are often made to order which means you can have whichever fabric and colour … Continue reading

How much do you know about waterproof and antibacterial fabrics?

  The use and availability of antibacterial and waterproof healthcare fabric and vinyl has increased greatly in recent years. Much in demand in the healthcare sector and leisure industry the range of styles and colours has improved and is now … Continue reading

Invest in Ergonomic Chairs for the Office

Many people don’t understand the importance of keeping the back in the correct posture, whether you are standing or sitting. Having poor posture while young can lead to many problems down the road.¬† If you have an office job that … Continue reading

Finding the Right Reception Seating and Seating for Public Areas

Does your organisation or office have a waiting room, lobby, or other public area that is frequently filled with people? If so, you need to have the right type of seating to accommodate them. You’d be surprised at the sheer … Continue reading

The Need for Ergonomic Chairs

The human body was not designed to remain seated for a long period of it. When you consider this it should not surprise you that staying seated in a poorly designed or wrongly adjusted chair for too long can cause … Continue reading

Medical seating

Most businesses that provide medical seating, only have a small range of healthcare seating to choose from due to the limited compliant fabrics available to them. What sets our healthcare seating apart is that they can be upholstered in your … Continue reading

Size Mark Sizes

Size Mark Sizes These are agreed sizes for school seating and furniture across the phases from Early Years to Post 16/Adult. Size Mark 1 is appropriate for Early Years with a seat height of 260mm. Seat heights then¬†rise with the … Continue reading

Mata Student Seating Range

The Mata Student Seating Range The Mata Student Seating Range is a robust, flexible and versatile range of education seating which is compliant with British and European Standards for school furniture. Chairs are available in Size Mark sizes to to … Continue reading