How much do you know about waterproof and antibacterial fabrics?


The use and availability of antibacterial and waterproof healthcare fabric and vinyl has increased greatly in recent years. Much in demand in the healthcare sector and leisure industry the range of styles and colours has improved and is now far removed from the old style vinyl found commonly in hospitals in the past.


Encouraged by the increased use in leisure industry, and the current infection control requirements of healthcare environments such as hospitals, clinics and surgeries, manufacturers have improved their ranges in style and colour choice. These healthcare fabrics and vinyl usually benefit from the following attirbutes:

  • Fluid proof, including water, urine,etc
  • Stain repellence or resistance
  • Antibacterial and antifungal – the resistance to different bacteria is dependent on the individual properties of that fabric making some fabrics more suited to certain functional areas than others but treatments usually include the control of MFSA, C. Diff, E-Coli, etc
  • Breathable This is a crucial difference to vinyl which is not breathable


Cleaning regimes differ in different environments and many of these healthcare fabrics and vinyl have been designed for use in the nhs and with current infection control regimes.

All healthcare fabric and vinyl used on our chairs is tested to industry standards for strength and flammability.

As many of our standard chairs are made to order we are able to specify them with your choice of fabric. This ensures that you can combine the most appropriate style of seating with the best fabric for its use thereby ensuring it is fit for purpose. As we offer web prices they are not only bespoke but also excellent value for money.

For the latest information about the healthcare fabrics available on our made to order seating please click the link. This document provides information about the most popular fabrics and vinyl but is by no means exhaustive so if you have already specified your fabric just contact us for a price.

Fabric and Vinyl Manufacturer’s

For further information about fabric ranges from our main fabric manufacturers please follow the links below:

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