24-hour office chairs

24-hour chairs are the optimum solution for control rooms, call centres, surveillance operations, or anywhere that comfortable, supportive seating is required for long periods. There are plenty of excellent office chairs available that are specifically designed for multi-user, round-the-clock situations – simply search for them on a high quality office furniture website such as Business Furniture Online.

Concorde High Back Chair

Concorde 24 Hour High Back Leather Chair

Just type 24 hour in the product search box and you’ll be rewarded with an impressive selection in a variety of colours, and in various styles, from 24-hour operator chairs to 24-hour executive chairs – ideal for extra-hardworking executives who frequently need to burn the midnight oil! Here’s a link to a couple of good examples. (Concorde High Back Chair and the Maxima Chair).

Although ordinary chairs can be beefed up a bit with a heavy-duty fabric – just specify the toughest fabric when you order – they simply won’t be up to 24-hour use, because they are not designed for that purpose. So, if you attempt to use an ordinary chair round-the-clock on a long-term basis, bear in mind that it won’t be warranted for such heavy usage, and will probably not withstand such abuse for long! A chair that’s designed from the start for heavy-duty multiple user applications will be much more solid and durable, and more comfortable to use for long periods.

Maxima 24 Hour Chair

Maxima 24 Hour Chair

The majority of chairs designed specifically for 24-hour applications are characterised by a high back, to provide the extra support that’s essential for long periods of work. And you’ll get heavy-duty fabric, of course. They also have a heavy-duty structure, as you’d expect, so that they can withstand unrelenting use for many years. Most of them are guaranteed for at least two years, but some feature a five-year guarantee for 24/7-use. Other desirable features to look out for in a 24-hour office chair include:

  • Back height adjustment
  • Independent adjustment of seat and back angles
  • Inflatable lumbar support
  • Tension adjustment to suit the individual user’s weight
  • Large, shaped, deep cushions for maximum support, resilience and comfort over long periods
  • Fira testing to severe level
  • SATRA Certification to BS5459 part 2-2000 for 24-hour use by persons weighing up to 150kgs (23.6 stones)
Posturemax 200 Extra Large 24 Hour Back Care Chair - 30 Stone

Posturemax 200 Extra Large 24 Hour Back Care Chair – 30 Stone

For heavyweight users, you can find large-size 24-hour chairs that are tough enough to support users up to 190kgs in weight (That’s 30 stones, if you’re a metrication-denier!). Here’s a link to a really tough ultra-heavy-duty chair.

And finally, as with most things, bear in mind that you get what you pay for, so don’t buy a cheap 24-hour chair; it simply won’t be up to the task. Expect to pay quite a lot more than you would for an ordinary office chair – but considering the extra use it will be put to, you’ll get great value for money in the long term.


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