Benefits of Executive Office Chairs

There are a variety of different types of office chairs available. Two of the more common options are task chairs and executive office chairs or managers chairs. Task chairs are adjustable in height and are designed for those who use a … Continue reading

cpod Ergonomic Office Chair

The cpod Ergonomic Office Chair with it’s uniquely supportive mesh back is now on sale on the Business Furniture Online website following its UK launch at the Back Pain Show on 24 and 25 February 2012. This ergonomically designed office chair … Continue reading

The Blend Family of Office Chairs – A Story of Chairs to Fit All!

The Blend Family of office chairs is an exciting new addition to our office chair range. Assessed and approved by physiotherapist Lorna Taylor, this carefully designed range offers not only the well specified Blend Standard Operator chair but also the Blend Extra for larger … Continue reading

cpod Ergonomic Operator Chair

The cpod ergonomic operator chair was officially launched in the UK at the Backpain show at Olympia yesterday and as we always like to personally try out any new chairs we are thinking of featuring on the website we travelled up to London to do … Continue reading

What to Look for When Purchasing Executive Office Chairs

Are you looking for a comfortable chair for your office? If you spend a great deal of time behind a desk, you realise that your chair is very important so you can’t just buy the first one you see. Why … Continue reading

Where is it now? – Beam Seating

We recently reviewed where our beam seating ends up and came up with an amazing list of places. Amongst these, the beams which must hold the award for being the highest in the UK must surely be the jolly, colourful … Continue reading

Features to Look for in Task Chairs

Task chairs and operator chairs are some of the most common types of office chairs which are designed for those whose daily tasks are focused on the use of a computer. Executive chairs offer seating for managers and executives whose … Continue reading